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Which one of the Best Rewards Credit Card Cards is right for you?

You should compare all features before making your decision on which rewards credit card to choose. You should consider the annual fee, signup bonuses, and continued value. Although a sign up bonus is an excellent addition to any rewards card it will not be of much value if you do not use the rewards. Compare these factors to find the best rewards credit cards for you.
Capital One SavorOne Rewards Credit Card

Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card offers an introductory APR of 0% for purchases and balance transfer transactions for 15 months. There is no annual charge and no foreign transaction fee. However, there are some fees you should be aware of. The fees of a 3% cash advance and a $40 late fee are too much to bear. This card is an excellent option for deal-hunters who are interested in a good deal.

Capital One SavorOne cash rewards credit card is a great option for people with less-than-perfect credit. The card offers unlimited 4% cashback at restaurants and grocery shops, as well as 1% cashback for all other purchases. The rewards can also be automatically redeemed when you spend a specified amount, such as $250 for the first three month. You have many options when it comes to redeemed your rewards.
American Express’ Capital One Platinum card

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card provides great travel benefits. But, is it worth the $495 per year fee? It earns 2 miles for every dollar and has no foreign transaction fees. You also get a good sign-up bonus. You will also be reimbursed for TSA PreCheck fees and Global Entry application fee. This card is one of the top international rewards credit cards.

The Platinum Card is a generous rewards program. It allows you to redeem points for free flights, hotel stays and rental cars. You can also convert your points into gift certificates and donate them to charity. However, it is subject to an annual fee. This card isn’t for everyone. You’ll quickly see the benefits if you spend a lot. It’s a great way to save on airfare!
Bank of America Customized cash Rewards

The Bank of America Customized Rewards Credit Card has a unique rewards system. Up to three percent cashback can be earned on your choice of categories such as dining, grocery, and drugstores. Additionally, you can earn unlimited one-percent back on all other purchases. The card also comes with a $2,500 per quarter combined purchase limit, making it an attractive choice for many. You can earn even more cashback with the Bank of America’s Preferred Rewards credit cards.

Only those with good to exceptional credit can apply for the Bank of America Customized Rewards Credit Card. This means that your credit score must be at least six hundred seventy. This card is recommended for people who have good to excellent credit. To get more cash back, you can transfer your existing balance from another card. Balance transfers can be made with this card as well, however there is a 3-percent fee.
Chase Sapphire Preferred

Many benefits are offered by the Chase Sapphire Preferred rewards credit cards to frequent travelers. This card gives you statement credits on your hotel stays and a 10% annual bonus for total spending. Points can be transferred to travel partners, such as hotels and airlines, at a 1:1 ratio. The majority of hotel and airline points are worth cents each. You can earn a lot of rewards if your card is used frequently. Referring a friend can earn you a $50 credit on your statement.

If you consider that Chase Sapphire Preferred rewards credit cards are worth up to $750 in travel, then the $95 annual fee is fair. This card is highly desired due to the $750 welcome bonus. This card has a high annual fees. If you are able to make enough purchases each month to cover the annual fees, this card might be worth your while.